Month: February 2018

Trade show Routine

Trade shows have a life of their own no matter whether they are going to last a day or a month; you will quickly find that each individual trade show event you attend, whether as an attendee or as an exhibitor will take on a rhythm all of its own. Tapping into this pulse is something that experienced trade show afficionados are excellent at – they have to be! Everything is compressed into frenetic bursts of activity in a very short period of time. If you are with a big company, corporate expectations are high and a big mistake...

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Motivating Your Trade Show Team

Trade shows are long and testing, both mentally and physically. Your people need to work together well and to exercise initiative and determination throughout the planning, show and post-show periods. There is a huge need for excellent managerial coordination across all the elements of the trade show team, but even with a poor plan or poor show, if you have well motivated people, you can achieve anything. In order to motivate your people, you need to establish what your goals are. Being specific and producing well-thought out objectives will leave no room for doubt as to what the overall...

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Trade-related services set to be expanded

CCPIT to set up specialized agencies to help Chinese companies as they venture abroad The China Council for the Promotion of International Trade said on Tuesday that it will establish 50 business and legal service agencies this year, in a bid to give Chinese companies an edge over others competing for legal and certification expertise in the global market. Yu Xiaodong, spokesman for the CCPIT, said these agencies will be categorized as legal, mediation and certification centers throughout China this year to assist Chinese companies’ global expansion from a local base. The council will set up trade arbitration agencies...

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